1. Sustainability

We go beyond business, fulfilling our duty as responsible corporate citizens of india. We constantly focus on enhancing the quality of life of the communities we serve, be it our organisation, the industry as a whole, or society at large.

Since we execute some of the largest and most challenging projects in pune,we take it upon ourselves to adopt sustainable practices that serve the well-being of the community - Immediate vicinity of its work operations and also beyond.

Focus Areas

  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Water
  • Disaster Relief
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Community initiatives
  • Environment
  • Education

2. Safety

The company has taken several initiatives over the years to improve safety performance, including induction and training programmes,demonstration of usages of personal protective equipment and tool box talks.

3. Quality

Our prime focus is to meet the client's requirements and to strive to exceed their expectations

  • We strive to improve processes and methodologies to achieve consistent and predictable results.
  • Astor India aspires for zero-defect by creating an environment of quality awareness, rather than relying on inspections.
  • We endeavour to effectively use Total Quality Management and six sigma tools to become the clients' most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and through timely completion of projects.We keep ourselves updated with the latest equipments and new innovations
  • We endeavour to eliminate process waste through lean construction.
  • We adapt to challenging and ever-changing conditions without compromising on due process for high quality and timely delivery.
  • We evaluate performance through various statistical tools and take timely decisions for better efficiency.