About Astor India Group

Astor India has years of experience in developing, constructing and managing varied infrastructure projects. Started by two young entrepreneurs Mr. Aditya & Mr. Saurabh, back in 2019, Astor India became one of the trusted organizations in Pune’ local market. It has presence across multiple sectors including residential awa industrial development, construction technology, consultation and material supply.

The Astor India core team is mainly made up of engineers who are backed up by specialists from various fields of management and technology, who are committed to apply the art of value-based aesthetics into the line of construction through excellent and advanced engineering. Today, Astor India achieves premium construction, from their technology driven strategies. One simple principle guides Astor India's approach to every project: "Understand the customer's needs and expectations; Fulfil the needs and exceed the expectations." This is how Astor India has been able to strike the right balance between engineering and thoughtful development project after project, across the country.

Our Mission

Be the engineers of choice for innovative and technology based quality construction and fast development projects, across the globe. And to glorify God by putting our clients’ interests above our own, providing the highest level of honesty and expertise.

Our Vision

Consistently focus customer expectations, using engineering skills, development experience and a persevering positive attitude in every project, regardless of size, type and location.

Core Values


Our word is our bond, if we say it, it will happen.


We don’t believe in “upselling” any roofing project. We are here to meet your needs, regardless of what those may be.


From top to bottom, the entire Core Values Construction team is held to the highest levels of professionalism. This is apparent with your very first encounter and will continue throughout your entire roofing project.


Our roofing technicians are well-trained and highly skilled. They provide only the finest installations.> We don’t believe in the need to do a job more than once.


Core Values Construction puts its focus on quality rather than quantity. Perhaps not the most profitable focus, but one that lets us sleep well at night.

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